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We're incurable romantics ourselves that's we set up a free dating site in the first place and we just love seeing relationships blossom, friendships form, and marriages result.

There have been literally hundreds of meetups throughout the UK and all over Europe since we've been offering this service.

A movie date is best for guys who may be a little more introverted as you can take a break from awkward silences.

I suggest that if you’re not much of a talker, it’s best you plan several activities in advance; an hour of dinner, an hour of doing an interesting event she enjoys, like watching a movie. They feel that they’re not interacting with their partner, so you should ask for her opinion.

The next thing you know, she might pull the card and break up with you.

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managed to score a date with your crush and you don’t want to mess it up. But to find out if these classic pieces of dating advice hold true, we asked Singaporean girls for their opinion.

A packed picnic at the Botanic Gardens is a simple activity which can be equally memorable and successful.

Shanelle, 21 I personally love movies so I wouldn’t mind a guy who can chill with me.

We were not set up as a business, but set up to try to make a genuine difference in people's lives.

With thousands of marriages, dozens of babies born, hundreds and hundreds of new lasting friendships formed, we're your number one choice for finding friendship and love online.

Whilst other dating sites began charging extortionate prices for dating services, we decided to keep dating free.

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