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Small change to the opener You want to time it so that your ambush goes off at the same time as the first orbital strike, but if you miss it no harm done just a fun way to watch the numbers jump.

The opener remains almost unchanged from the previous guide aside from the extra Corrosive dart that I throw out after the third Followthrough.

This effect lasts 15 seconds but is also removed by consuming all charges or reentering cover.

Special note for this one since it’s what many MM’s dislike taking, the only reason I can think of not taking this is if you’re someone who just wants to be stationary throughout the entire fight with no real means of keeping at least some dps on boss.

I personally started as a virulence sniper and changed to MM a bit after the nerf to see why everyone was so mad I then ended up sticking with it. Not much else to say the rotation I will post later on will be very similar to Thrax’s with a slight change and even his rotation was easily 1/10 difficulty don’t know why he posted it at 5/10 x D.

The problem is energy management more so than the actual rotation This is where one of the bigger changes occurs, I’m sure many won’t like it, or think it would ever be useful but give it a try.

Spec Viability 6/10 Yes, as much as I hate to admit it and as much as I still like this spec, it is not as viable as it once was.

The Calculated Pursuit utility will be replacing Pulse screen which is a 20% damage reduction from tech/force abilities for 6 seconds every time you use cover pulse, I trust my healers enough to keep me through most everything especially with shield probe, not to mention cover pulse is a 30 second cd.

IF there ever comes a fight when me the healers or I notice I take way too much damage it’s easy to switch the utility point.

This guide will have been made solely because there has been no other guide, made or updated, since the sniper nerfs.

A good many people see the dps that MM pulls after our crit nerf and are completely turned off from the spec, some even from the class because mercs/maras seem to consistently pull better numbers, although I can’t promise that with this guide you’ll be top dps you should at least be able to keep up if you weren’t already.

If your tank has to move your target so far that it won’t be in the range of OS, then skip the OS unless you’re willing to wait until the target is in one place to start.

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