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Retired Sheriff Association asking for money- I also received a call from the Disabled Police Association, the previous day, from the same area code, asking for the same thing- This is a scam, targeting older people- BE AWAREI was researching tile flooring- Same thing: they said they would set me up with a local contractor- Excuse me, I think I can manage that for myself- From what their website looked like, I thought they WERE a local contractor Caller was from "just benefits affordable healthcare", I asked him how his company felt that it was above the federal do not call registry- He replied that we had requested information that "someone in household had requrested information about healthcare and 'Obamacare' (I kid you not)"- I told him that no had, to take us off of their call list, and that I was filing a complaint with the FCC (which I did)I was called times on Monday, again times on Tuesday and I fianally answered and gave the twit that tried to sell me something a piece of my mind- Her answer "Well, I'm sorry about that, but would you like to purchase blah blah"- I calmly asked her if she heard what I just told her and kept (now yelling, bc she must not have heard me the st time) telling her to take me off of their list, over and over and over again- I then asked her did she now understand what I was telling her?She started in on her sales speech again, so I kept up yelling "TAKE ME OFF OF YOUR LIST" until she hung up on me- Wheeeeethis is not a verizon wireless or a verizon fios- They are pretending like a collection agency to collect past due balance from whatever verizon devision- DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER- They might call you a lot of times like real a real collection agency I got a text message from this number at :am this morning- When I asked who it was they said "Sydney", I asked if they were a Sydney I knew from a place and they said "No i live in vancouver-" When I asked if I knew them they stopped texting me Just read them the riot act Yelled at them that I had put through a call trace on the last call and that if I recieve one more call tonite that I will contact my local police phone busters section and press charges- Then repeatedly yelled at her "Do you understand?This number has been calling for a few months now- The past few weeks, its been several times a day - EVERYDAY Most days, it is at least every - hours beginning at around or a until around or p- Same as other posts, nobody is there when I answer and when I call the number back the number has an auto recording that it is "no longer in service"- Sometimes my caller ID says: DENNEHOTSOAZ or UNKNOWN or PRIVATE or just the actually phone number appears- What can be done about this? These people are relentless- They are calling about joining a medical malpractice class action suit- They have not taken my name off of their call list, even though I have requested it three times- It is pointless to let them utter even one word- They are going to keep calling, no matter what Local Longmont Colorado () - Rub and Tug- They have three girls Zoey w A Cups and colorful ink, but very perky nipples, A tattoed chick with breast implants and tattoos, yet still hot- Then a mocha choclate babe with a totally natural knock out body Very scary and determined voiceover actor says, The nature and purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action against you by the U-S- Treasury department regarding an enforcement action against you for fraud- Ignoring this call will be an intention to avoid an appearance before a federal court judge- Before this goes to claims court house or you get arrested call us back- Hope to hear from you soon before charges are pressed against you- Thank You- (Have a nice day, not) It had me s,ting my pants, wondering what I had done wrong, until I went online to google the number and found it was a scam- Caller Id just has Bayonne, NJ- (Weird, I thought it would have been Nigeria for low rent, good-for-nothing scammers )do not answer this call, he calls girls on back page all the time, I used to see him a lot but he doesn't pay a lot, he will yell at you, threaten you, he trespassed thru my room and my belongings, he says hes only there to help , do not believe anything he says , this is one guy that will act and sound nice but will flip it in an instant if he doesn't get what he wants, he needs to be stopped now Got a call from that number- They claim to be people from Clearwire- I talked to them and cussed them out- They told me I was late on my monthly payment when I know I am up to date- I threaten them and they hung up- So now im being an and I call them every hour to mess with them- )Caller stated she was returning our call requesting a Government Grant- We never made such a request- I told her this & told her not to call me again- This also showed up as a cell phone on my caller idthis person mathew called my house and asked for tom love i said hes not available (cuz my husbands name is thomas love) can i take a message he gave me his name mathew and his # , and then i asked what is this reguarding he said tom love & co, i said thats not my husband he said i dont believe you i said fine than dont and i hung up I recieved many calls from Bob Washington at , and from Peter Washington at , Bob promised me every time that if I send to Joan Grove in Mt Vernon, TX I would be delivered a BMX vehicle with ,- in certified checks and , in cash- I send her well over and have recieved nothing- Peter promised similar things but I have not send and money through him Got this # calling about a payday loan- That I owed , dollars- And can I send some money today- And they can put a hold on that account until I make a payment- The man name was Frank- He left some message about I been serve with a summon Yep- Got that same call from"Joe" today- I seem to get a lot of these- I can only assume that the payday loan company I used at one time sold my info to them- Anyone else use a payday loan company?Dang Bastar And the most irritating thing, No one can do anything about it- Because there'll always be that sucker that freaks out and believes these aholes and hands over their bank information or makes a"payment"- Oh and btw, I just called this number back- It's a Verizon number and says "This Verizon Customer is not available at this time-" I wonder if Verizon can do anything about it?I hope that they aren't able to get any personal info I did call my cell carrier to alert if there is any suspicious activity on my bill After a couple days and posts dealing with this issue and researching the information on this company, my rights, and a bit of the law, I realize this is a scam- A second call from the company with this number , by rude, obnoxious, and "Rachel Grant", which promptly was sent to vm- Thank you all for your great advice on how to handle this unfortunate situation moving forward- All of you that were unfortunately scammed, and trust me, I was scammed before out of - in an unrelated incident years ago, don't give up the fight As a few posters listed, payday loans are not criminal but civil, therefore an attorney can't issue warrants for arrests because of check fraud to a pay day loan company-www-ftc-gov bcp edu pubs consumer alerts alt-shtm Somehow this number was routed to my NEW phone number and was receiving my text- When i asked them to stop contacting my phone the idiots kept doing it- Why is this world filled with imbiciles?

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it's weird the number is at the same zip code as I, i called back and it was the united recovery systems, but no mention of a branch location near where i live exists nor the numbers exist on the website- there was a call back from a second number but it doesn't exist on any directory online- now i'm not so sure about giving my info out Jack (foreign accent) called saying foreign hackers have taken over my computer for illegal activity and he needed the IP address to fix the problem- I told him it sounded like he may be doing some illegal activity and he hung up Called times in a row-When answered asked us if we wanted to save money on gas and electric- When dismissed them they called back - We called the number back and got the main line of a mortgage company Received calls from this number, supposedly from the Dallas County Jail- The pre-message said do not allow way calling, # calling feature or other features if accepted as I would be billed -xx; Voicemail was noise in the background with a male mubling short nonverbal noise I got a letter and a check ( -) telling me to send - to a Amy Falcon- Well needless to say I did try and cash it at a local Walmart and they told me that it was an invalid check- My bank even told me that they would not take it, Why ,hummmm,its a Fake Check, Sham on people who do these kind of scams I had exactly the same issue- I ordered a "free cheap trial" product, which has not arrived as of today (a week since I ordered, even though technically it was supposed to be shipped the same day I ordered)- I called the customer service number to cancel the product and they kept me waiting for hours and minutes, at which point I hung up (I just had my phone receiver on the table the whole time so I was able to go about my normal business in the meantime)- My product was Acai Trim AND IT IS DEFINITELY A SCAM- PLEASE NO ONE ORDER ITI just got the rd call in the same amount of hours and answered this one- It was regarding gov- grants- It is from filling out the surveys for free products- I asked to remove me from the list and all is well They claim to be Medco but I wouldn't be so sure- I've been employed at the same place for years, and Medco often sends me postal mail about their services - but they have NEVER called until I got this call today- I suspect it's a scam operation using the Medco name- In any case I would never give out the kind of information they would no doubt ask me for over the phone to a caller who simply claims to be Medco, if I were inclined to sign up I would contact them myself Some fella called, saying he was with U- S- Financial and that according to their records I had credit card debt that they could help with- I politely told the caller that all of my debt (what little there is) is completely under control and I didn't have a need for their services and I would appreciate my name number being removed from their calling database- The caller interrupted me and then I firmly repeated my request to be removed from their calling list,he promptly disconnected the call- Nice manners,not Said he was David Brown with Mega Million Sweepstakes Lottery Company and I had won - million dollars and a Mercedez (spell?Trace caller name and address location for 0736097 mobile phone number series using this Mobile phone tracker.0736097 series operator and location details are successfully searched by the mobile tracker.)- I needed to go to Walmart and send to NY to validate first- Caller ID shows Cell Phone JMI keep receiving phone calls from , I answer the phone after rings and nobdy talks then the connection ends- It happens everytime they call- I finally called them back and got a number to call , they then have a automated service that you can choose to remove yourself from their call list ( put on a do not call list- the worst part is that you answer the call but nobody is there- I would have donated but not if I'm good enough to talk to I have received a phone call from , , , , , , , , , , ALL PHONE NUMBERS LEAD BACK TO THE SAME SCAMMERS I DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY GOT MY INFORMATION- THEY HAVE CONTINUOUSLY CALLED MY JOB AND CELL PHONE- STATING THAT THEY ARE FROM A LEGAL DEPARTMENT- WHEN I ASK FOR A BUSINESS LICENSE NUMBER OR AN ADDRESS THEY BECOME VERY IRATE- ALL SPEAK WITH A THICK MIDDLE EASTERN ACCENT AND ARE REALLY RUDE I HAVE BEEN TOLD THE POLICE WILL BE ON THE WAY TO ARREST ME IF I DON'T CONFIRM MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR SEND THEM MONEY AGAIN I ASK FOR THEIR INFORMATION, THEY HANG UPBEWAREReceived a call today - difficult to understand but believe he said "he was Shawn Schiffler from the IRS Tax Dept & there was some kind of legal matter (could not understand all he said) to be filed at the Court House so I needed to call , before I got arrested-"Condé Nast is a worldwide magazine publishing company- They are calling to try to get magazine sub renewals- My dad had several subscriptions to magazines but he passed away recently so they keep calling- Normally I just don't answer the phone if I don't know the number on the caller ID, if I did, I answer it like a fake business ("Hello, you've reached "fake company name", TJ speaking, How can I help you?") and that usually gets them to stop calling when they think they've called a business number, sometimes they ask for a persons name and I'll just repeat that message, then they may ask "is this a business phone?For 0736097 mobile phone number series, is the mobile service provider.

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