Who is tony gonzalez dating

Buster is last seen in "Premature Independence" where he is escaping from prison during the 2nd of July parade. Buster is the socially awkward younger half-brother of Michael Bluth and is a main character of Arrested Development.

Buster is assumed to be the youngest son of Lucille & George Bluth Sr.

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Gonzalez and his stunning wife October are the proud parents of their two beautiful children, son River and daughter Malia. in 2001), from his relationship with reporter Lauren Sanchez, who ironically co-hosted The View on July 30th.

Buster has a history of inappropriate or impossible relationships. While recovering from the loss of his hand, Buster has a brief relationship with Lucille's maid, Lupe (and later with Lupe's replacement, a Roomba).

He is entirely too attached to his mother, and his first girlfriend Lucille Austero is actually his mother's best friend, whom he calls Lucille 2. The closest to a healthy relationship that Buster ever has is with the Bluth company's "business model" Starla, though it is eventually ruined by Buster's fear of physical intimacy.

by uttering the words no dude on a dating show wants to hear ... " Gonzalez was out enjoying the Super Bowl 50 festivities when we asked him his thoughts on his buddy -- Chiefs TE Travis Kelce -- getting his own dating reality show on E! and we're told that some of the women have yet to be cast. BTW, it's unclear if Kelce actually does have a GF ...

Byron "Buster" Bluth is portrayed by Tony Hale and appears in 66 episodes of the series.

Also, Buster's temporary hook led to some painful accidents, one including the hook becoming embedded in the backside of GOB and having to be painfully removed.

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