Who is dating ryan seacrest


"I haven't seen him since that day," Hatcher told Oprah Winfrey two months after the photos went viral.

Even worse, Hatcher alleged that Seacrest called her the day of their infamous smooch, telling her, "I don't think I can do this with you." Ouch.

"I did get close and I didn't do it and it was the right move," he said (via ). of marriage because my parents have been married for 47 years.

In early 2006, paparazzi spotted Teri Hatcher and Seacrest kissing in Malibu.

News of the intimate moment spread like wildfire, though apparently, the spark was short-lived.

"And I didn't say what was on my mind because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers. But now I'm not holding anything back, because I'd rather get my heart broken than never know what it is to be completely, madly in love.

If I had been this open in my last relationship, who knows?

But as ridiculous as that may sound, Monk insisted Seacrest wasn't trying to show off. "He was a bit busy." that "there was nothing right" about their relationship.

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