Who is dale earnhardt jr currently dating who was julia roberts dating in 2016


Question: Amy, did you realize what you were getting into?

You are now a public figure; how hard has that been?

Dale Jr.: Amy was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

As I’ve gotten to know her over the years I feel the same way about the person she is.

Question: Many couples have a few years together before they add a child into the mix. It’s not hard to adjust to a different schedule, if you get to be together.

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My initial impression was that he was super shy, but intriguing. Question: Dale, how has marriage changed you, and what were your impressions when you first met Amy?Although he's retired as a full-time driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, where he was voted most popular driver for the past 15 years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Not only is he still getting used to being a married guy -- he and Amy Riemann married on New Year's Eve 2016 -- he is preparing for a role in TV booth as a NASCAR analyst for NBC Sports. We are ever closer and in sync and are extremely excited to meet our daughter soon. Question: Dale, you had the pressure of your engagement, marriage, recovering from a concussion late in your career, all while racing week to week, and you were wrestling with the decision to retire.He's also a very active owner of his own NASCAR Xfinity Series race team, JR Motorsports. And if all that weren’t enough, the couple this past week welcomed their first child, a daughter, Isla Rose. I can honestly say, I haven’t had any disappointments or surprises thus far. It’s hard enough to focus on just one of those things; how much pressure was it to deal with all of it?Click through the gallery to ready up on the pair's road to romance and check out some of their best moments away from the track.2016 is not a good year if you are a celebrity couple as we have heard about most of the celebs couple divorce.Earnhardt, 43, is transitioning from NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver to Most Popular Husband, at least to Amy, and soon Most Popular Dad, at least to his daughter. Dale Jr.: More pressure than anyone will probably ever know.

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