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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. presents, comparatively, few details to the pen of the.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. historian, the work can very easily be cpqfigleted in a Supplemental Volume. I cannot help flattering myself^; .,tbd;tccmside^ble benefit has been Ffi BPACB. There are certain topics, which it were better not to treat at all, than to dismiss with a- superficial consideration.

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This is the FANATICAL aud excusable part of the story i, But observe the cunning with which she then travels back to ,the 1 3th of October in the pre- ceding year ; and relates a vision, predicting the birth, which she tells us, but not until the 10th of March, she had, at that early period, been fa- voured with. Oh the other hand^ the members of the diurch pray in humble po8«» ture: with one heart and voice, presenting, on their i^nees, their petitions to God, with as much fer- vour and dei^otion as their minister.*'^ Whatever beauty and propriety the original composers of a liturgy have given it, continue with it on all occasions. The court, who had hitherto believed the number of non-conformists to be trifling, were now alarmed at the prospect of a scarcity of j)r('at*hers for the churches : and till a succession (»f conforming clergy could be obtained from the universities, it was deemed expedient for the pre- sent to relax the severity of the exaction in regard to the cross and surplice.

This is the artifice ; which has not yet been properly exposed. IX Neither are the disciples to be judged as merely deceived by the imagined pregnancy, or with re- ference to this isolated fact. They are dupes to the pretended prophecy^ after an hundred instances of failure. All who join in it are sure that neither incapacity, nor indolence, nor Xukewarmness, nor occasional elevation or depres- sion of spirits ; neither political bias, nor malig- 43^ ' CK THE ^RIMITIVB -CHUBCHTj nant passions, nor want of orthodoxy, norexce^l of enthusiasm in their minister, can communicato themselves to the supplications ofiered in their n^me, and in their behalf, as may obviously be done^ wherever there is no form of prayer^ Nd W, while liturgies in general are thus preferable to extemporaneous prayers, the devotiond service of the Church of £ngland is the best of all li tar- ges. The bishops w ere in- jfttru(*l(Hl, in a pastoral letter from the Primate, to j»;ra!

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But, now that I am come before the bar of the Public, — now that I am throwing my- self, as it were, into an arena, where it is not improbable that the disciples of every religious school will consider themselves unfairly used, and may enter the lists against me, it seems necessary, for my own sake, as well as for that of the church which I defend, that I should endeavour to arm myself at all points. As it is, I am not without hopes, that I shall be found to have offered a production^ satisfactory to some minds harassed by uncertainty, and not wholly discreditable to myself. •n^ «T , r Left the house without seeing the wo- 7» Dr. And, in fact, the Lutheran and Boheipian churclies, the churches of Den- .ipark, Sweden, Geneva, Holland, France, Ame- aica, England,. 40 ON THE 7RIM1TIVB e HITBCR/ churchy have all their teveral litui^ies : 80 likei* wise have many dissentthg congregatibna in Bngs- land, as the Moravianis^ Swedenburgiaha^ and Whitfield Methodists: and so woold the mifiifllers of the Kirk of Scotland (it is believed), vtmiit not for the prejudices of the people *. But strong it must be^: a complete cohi victioti of the utiderstahditig ; aft^r lonj^, patienft; and unbiassed investigation.

Will these per- sons at once relinquish their delusions^ and frankly acknowledge themselves to be fools ? For sublimity, simplicity, and propriety of language ;— -for Taising the humble, cheering the contrite, soothing the afflicted ; — for furnishing expressions to sentiments of divine affection, sup- plication, praise, thanksgiving; — for reasonable- ness in its progress from exhortation to confes- sion ;— from confession to an of Ter of absolutioa to sincere penitence ;-^from hence to prayers for divine assistance ;-:^iningled with praise, thanks- giving, the reading of the word of God, and pro- fessions of f^th ; — for providing petitions for all the exigencies of men. it a delay to the subscription of persons already fixed in churches ; yet on no account to admit any one, without subscription, to the discharge Id QC3S t Q forbid its being read at Croydon, That the Jower classes should taste the sweets ojf l^heerful rei/i^xatiqii, and enjoy every inaocent in** dolgencei n^iist be the wish of ajil $ober an4 plipn^l Cbristians, pompassiqfi will also remem;^ |ber;:that inany among them ^re condemned^ fbiriiig,; SJK days in thp week, to hard labour, If^uen^ly in unclefinly emp]oyment9» or |n closci dark, and unhealthy factories or workshops.

No ; they tvill invent some key to the cypher, some quibble for interpreting the prediction! M* they will forgive the lie of •' our spiritual mother;** and she will go on prophesying, and blaspheming, and deceiving, to the end of the chapter. • i j aside as biassed, being sealed }To be set asi( people. in general ; and even for the various temporal wants of individuals ;«— for propriety in conducting public worship by short prayers, responses, and other innocent means^ which stimulate attention, and prevent devotiou from growing weary: the liturgy of the established church, for all these excellencies, stands unri^ vailed among human compositions *,. Too ]|ttst^re^ therefpre^i appears the seal qf those, wh Q |Kek to interdici: the labourer from a Sabbath fveni^g^s walk, froqi a frjendly visit, or fron) ffjber conversation} provided the former part of i^Q day havci bqen religiously spent, and timg b9 left l)efore this hour of rest for exercises of ^OQiestic and private devqtion.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Of this description is a polemical discussion of the principles maintained » by any distinguished religious body.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I L -3.^^ e I /-v SUMMARY OP THE HISTORY OP THE ENGLISH CHURCH, AND OP THE SECTS WHICH HAVE DEPARTED FROM ITS COMMUNION; WITH ANSWERS TO EACH DISSENTING BODY RELATIVE TO ITS PRETENDED GROUNDS OF SEPARATION. The argu- ment must be sifted, if possible, to the bottom ; for, otherwise, the advocate will only strengthen the cause of his adversary, by discovering the' weakness of hh own replies. — But how can they do so, without pre- vious concert ? must b^ regarded a^ sii R more d6sirabf£ aiidini- portent.

ON TUt E I^IUMITXTX CHUf OVi lutdplin^ ;the English church copies the apostor lical in8titi|tioii$. of being ascertained : and as to ceremo N BIOS and fi^rms which are left to discretionary arrangement^ undirected by the letter of a la W| ahe apprp;(imatp$ as nearly as possible to right reason and the intention of Scripture; — ^apd ia these non-essentials prescribe^ unifonnity with^ i^ew to the preservation of harmony and peace ^ and to the yielding pf compliance with the ^.rip- tural inj^nction — ^Let all things ^e do^e in ordj^ (l Con 3MV. In fine^ the English chmrch is thqs scnptura) and reasonable in her doctrines, her ritual^ hep government. Divisions are contrary to the precepts of Christ find his Apostles; to the Christian professio D, to t^e peace, the unity, the proper character of the church of Christ : and, lastly, they are hin^ drance9 to the Gospel (Rom. 11), and this to the express end that the world might be» Hevc him to be the Messiah : — ^if St. Th^ synod consisted of sixty-one divines, of wh Qcn no^ more than three or four were Remonstrants.

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