Validating windows media player 11


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I'm trying to download Windows Media Player 11 however when I try to go through the validation process it just wont work.

When i try to hit 'continue' the page simply refreshes and nothing else happens.

Im not getting any messages saying that the software is not genuine, literally the page refreshes and nothing else happens. I cant seem to do anything else now or get the download! How do I get to download Windows Media Player 11 if I cant get through the validation process?

But still you will face a problem while installing this new Windows Media Player if your copy of Windows XP is not a genuine (non-pirated) one, since WMP 11.0 installation requires genuine windows validation!!!

Please contact Microsoft if you’re having problem with genuine windows validation or purchase a new license.Update: Read How to install Windows Media Player 11 Final bypassing WGA validation. Installing WMP 11 goes through validation of your Windows XP licence.Here is how you can install Windows Media Player 11 bypassing the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (WGA).Step 1: Download Windows Media Player 11 directly from Microsoft. Step 2: EXTRACT the to a NEW FOLDER You can use Win RAR to extract the files.indows Media Player 11.0 is the latest Media Player by Microsoft.This requires Winzip or any other extracting program to be installed. If you have Winzip installed, go to the Winzip menu, and choose to Extract to Folder X:\…\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu A lot of setup files are really just a self-executing zip file so you can use this method to extract files from files with other installers too (ie device driver installers, if you only want the driver files and not the other ‘fluff’ that sometimes come with the installer.) 4. Go into the folder and now we will manually run the two files needed for Windows Media Player 11 to install.

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