Validating eurail pass in italy


For residents of these countries see our Inter Rail passes.

Click here for countries of residence that are eligible for Eurail passes.

They also accept reservations, but don’t require them.

Reservations costing 3 euros are recommended in the high season and on public holidays.

Using a Eurail Pass makes rail travel in Italy more convenient and good value. Besides the high-speed Le Frecce system, there are Inter City (IC), night trains, and regional trains.

Formerly known as Eurostar Italia, Le Frecce consists of three separate lines: These trains are modern and comfortable, gliding on high-speed lines that get you to Italy’s most popular cities.

Eurail passes are offered with varying days valid and flexibility—the choice is yours!

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Eurail passes are an exceptional value that allows you to travel in one or many European countries.

Each have air-conditioning, large luggage racks, power sockets for electronic devices, and free Wi-Fi (Frecciarossa only), plus refreshments and usually a restaurant car.

1 class reservations include a small snack and a hot or cold welcome drink served at your seat. journey from Naples to Rome, I was served a glass of Prosecco!

Have you ever wanted to see Michelangelo’s David, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Colosseum, or eat pizza in its birthplace? To get around the country quickly, efficiently, and in style, use Tren Italia’s Le Frecce line of high-speed trains.

They’re first-rate, but do require a reservation (10 euros).

You also save travel time by arriving at your next destination the next morning.

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