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7, 1842, the vessel arrived at Liverpool in ballast, having discharged her cargo, loaded in Calcutta, India, at the port of London. for the account of William Adamson, of Sunderland (but registered at London) who owned the vessel per the Mercantile Navy List in 1870 thru 1880 & 1885 also.Photoshop educator Dan Moughamian brings you up to date on another new feature that’s part of the Photoshop 14.2 update, available to Creative Cloud subscribers.Updates have been suppressed by the Administrator." I am the Administrator!

At a site which later became part of the Doxford yard - Doxford High Yard? All as you can see here (a page from 'A and P News', the company staff magazine) & also here. A matter possible compounded by differing data as to which yard built a particular ship - particularly in the years after Austin & Pickersgill was first formed & later when Bartram's was acquired. The owners of the Baron Line had, at one time, I read, a reputation for being 'economical' when feeding their crews, &, as a result, the line was nicknamed the 'Hungry Hogarths'. It was on one of those voyages that Archie Linton was aboard. Archie has kindly provided his memories of that 'round the world' voyage - an account that you can read here.

ADAMSON & SONS (after 1811) BELL AND ADAMSON (1828/1840)WILLIAM ADAMSON (1855/1870)OF MONKWEARMOUTH, PANNS, NORTH SANDS & PALLIONCan you help with the history of these shipbuilders? The webmaster learns of these shipbuilders thanks to Margot Jorgensen of Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. And in WWW searching for 'Alcock and Glaholm' (no luck), I found a reference to 'John L. 1, 1863 at the yard of 'Alcock and Glaholm' - offered for sale by John Miller, Auctioneer, on Nov. There was an earlier vessel of the name, built at Sunderland in 1846. James Allison (1796/1865) was twice the Mayor of Sunderland. Austin & Pickersgill Limited took over Bartram & Sons Ltd. In late 1976, I think, the company published an 20 page booklet entitled 'Austin & Pickersgill Limited 150 Years', available here. I see that Tom Pickard, a 'writer in residence' at Austin & Pickersgill's for 6 months in 1976, wrote a hardcover book about the yard entitled 'We Make Ships', 295 pages, published by Secker and Warburg in 1989, ISBN 0436369605.

In the meantime there is a list of 'Adamson' ships built over the entire period of 1809 thru 1870 here. After 1870, the Adamson family would seem to have been ship owners only. I read that the family owned 25% of 'James Westoll Line', a prominent Sunderland shipping company with a great many vessels. There is a some interesting information about the Adamson's here. So far as I can see, the vessel went on to Sydney with Barker serving as her captain. 2) On May 20, 1848, the vessel left London for Sydney, New South Wales, via Plymouth, with Government stores & 31 passengers, under the command of Captain (John) Bell. 11, 1848, after a voyage of 109 days & left for London on Jan. Visited Auckland, New Zealand, twice - in 1965 & 1966.

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