Updating corporate minutes

Of course, you can also use a traditional wipe-and-load approach if you prefer, using the same tools that you use today with Windows 7.You can use Windows 10 and services like Azure Active Directory in new ways for cloud-based identity, authentication, and management.Windows 10 offers the flexibility to respond to these changing requirements, and can easily be deployed in a mixed environment.

This makes MDM the best choice for devices that are constantly on the go.

This “managed diversity” enables you to empower your users to benefit from the productivity enhancements available on their new Windows 10 devices (including rich touch and ink support), while still maintaining your standards for security and manageability.

It can help you and your organization benefit from Windows 10 much faster.

Because Windows 10 devices can be managed using the same processes and technology as other previous Windows versions, it’s easy for versions to coexist.

Your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types, and manage them through a common set of tools such as System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, or other third-party products.

Use of personal devices for work, as well as employees working outside the office, may be changing how your organization manages devices.

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