Updating a 1970s home


SINGLE PARENTS (20th Century Fox Television) Creator/Writer/Executive Producer: JJ Philbin Creator/Executive Producer: Liz Meriwether Executive Producer: Katherine Pope Logline: A group of dysfunctional single parents lean on each other as they raise their kids, look for love, and ultimately realize survival is only possible with the help of each other. THREE RIVERS (ABC Studios) Writers/Executive Producers: Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Kreamer Logline: Rebecca left her family’s Texas ranch years ago to work at an upscale hotel in New York, but after being promised ownership of the ranch by her smooth-talking cowboy dad Beau, she’s back and ready to utilize her big city tactics to turn their rustic ranch into a destination spot oozing Southern hospitality.

STEPS (ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producer: Kristin Newman Executive Producer: Mandeville TV / David Hoberman / Todd Lieberman / Laurie Zaks Logline: Four adults in three houses raise three kids after two divorces… Getting her siblings to fall in line with her vision will be the real thorn in Rebecca’s side.

The oldest kid and only son is left to figure out what manhood means in a world where he’s now completely surrounded by females. Television) Writer/Executive Producer: Diablo Cody Executive Producers: Berlanti Productions / Greg Berlanti / Sarah Schechter Logline: In high school, Liz Cooney had everything and Markie Mc Queen had nothing.

20 years later, they’re reunited under the same roof as single moms and unlikely housemates.

The Department of Gerontology is proud of its past and present and looks forward to an active future as the world plans for and meets the global aging demographic imperative.

In addition to students participating in community engagement in a variety of service learning program sites, the Department of Gerontology continues to be very dynamic in other community engagement through its Longevity Center.

And that’s going to be even harder once Beau reveals a life-changing family secret. BOBBY BOWMAN PROJECT (ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producer: Bobby Bowman Executive Producers: Dawn Ostroff, Jon Koa, Greg Walter Logline: Inspired by Bobby’s childhood growing up with a father with mental illness, this uplifting single camera comedy features a dysfunctional family that perseveres despite their differences and finds happiness in unexpected places.

MAN OF THE HOUSE (ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producers: Frank Pines, Vijal Patel Executive Producers: Gail Berman (The Jackal Group), Joe Earley (The Jackal Group), Kerry Washington (Simpson Street), Pilar Savone (Simpson Street) Logline: A multi-camera hybrid family comedy about two recently divorced sisters who decide to move in together to raise their kids under one roof.

Every comedy and drama pilot as ordered by the broadcast networks for potential series pickup for the 2018-19 TV season will be listed here as they are announced.

Keep checking back for updates and the complete list.

Cast: Nathan Fillion SAFE HARBOR (ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producer: Jason Richman Executive Producers: David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Laurie Zaks Logline: The series chronicles the colorful, complicated lives of cops on and off the beat as we follow them into harrowing, emotional, and often humorous situations.

SALVAGE (ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producer: Don Todd Logline: Ex-cop Jimmy Hill just wants to be left alone after moving back home in rural Florida.

Go directly to: ABC Comedy Pilots | ABC Drama Pilots CBS Comedy Pilots | CBS Drama Pilots | The CW Drama Pilots Fox Comedy Pilots | Fox Drama Pilots NBC Comedy Pilots | NBC Drama Pilots THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (20th Century Fox Television/ ABC Studios) Writer/Executive Producer: Rachna Fruchbom Executive Producers: Nahnatchka Khan, Mandy Summers, Tawnia Mc Kiernan Logline: Inspired by the 1980s TV show of the same name, THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO centers around Meera, a 30-year-old woman who loves tequila and karaoke and has spent her life searching and failing to find meaning, much to the chagrin of her traditional Indian-American family.

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