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A male friend of his from 2006, when the two were in police academy together, said that Mateen went to gay clubs with him and that Mateen once expressed an interest in dating him.

Club-goers also recalled Mateen dancing with another man.

After the shooting, Nudelman, who according to the records of the security company G4S, was said to have evaluated and cleared Mateen for his firearms license in 2007, denied ever meeting him or having lived in Florida at the time, and said she had stopped her practice in Florida in January 2006.

G4S said Mateen was not actually interviewed by a psychologist, but rather, a psychologist evaluated the results of a standard test used in job screenings and his test was evaluated by the firm that bought Nudelman's practice, Headquarters for Psychological Evaluation.

Before the shooting, he had been investigated for connections to terrorism by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 20.

During that period, he was placed on the Terrorist Screening Database, but was subsequently removed.

A retired dean of Martin County High School, Dan Alley, said that they "tried to counsel him and show him the error of his ways, but it never had the effect that we were hoping for," and that his father "would not back up the school, and he would always take his son's side".A former high school student told the Washington Post that he witnessed 14-year-old Mateen, on the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks, being physically assaulted by his father, Mir Seddique Mateen, in front of other students.with his father and his three-year-old son as recently as two days before the shooting, and said, "He was the most quiet guy. There was no indication at all of violence." Rahman added that he did not preach violence toward homosexuals.A classmate at Mariposa said that Mateen was a bully, disrespectful to girls and acted like he was better than his classmates.Another classmate reported that Mateen was bullied at school because of his weight and his Afghan heritage.A former coworker who worked with Mateen in a gated community in western Port St. He also said that he frequently made homophobic, racist, and sexist comments, and talked about killing people.

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