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Bot art needn’t be visual, and one of the classics of the form looks for poetry in everyday musings.Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Pentametron retweets tweets that are written in perfect iambic pentameter.These are legitimate sites where you’ll never have to hand over your personal information to watch hundreds of naked models and live cam shows!Cam sites are a dime a dozen, but high-quality ones that are available for free are much more difficult to find.It’s most useful if you’re in London, but still enjoyable elsewhere.We love charts, so we had to include this bot, also by Kazemi, which generates nonsensical Venn diagrams and flow charts.But if you prefer actually good charts, then here are 22 Twitter accounts by humans that we recommend instead.There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to experience sex cams online without having to pay for it. Top Chats has narrowed down the 10 best free chat sites online. This arty bot by Way Spurr-Chen takes any image you tweet at it and resorts the rows of pixels according to one of a few predetermined rules.But while humans are showered with praise for their tweets, bots have not traditionally received the same love. Where it was possible to determine the bot’s creator, we noted it here, but who’s to say those people aren’t actually bots themselves?Olivia isn’t real, but in many ways, she’s more real than many of the teenage girls whom the account emulates.At the very least, not until you’ve gotten to know her a bit first, which is why we bring you the best free adult chat sites online.You won’t have to pay and you can interact with as many hot babes as you want 24/7!Experience cam sites that offer all this for free: For starters, if it’s not free, it won’t be listed here.

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