The game on change of heart dating show


Before attending the taping, each member of the couple was sent on a date with a new man/woman.

At the taping, they would each discuss their dates with the one they were set up with; the female half of the couple would talk about her date first, followed by the male half.

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And when it comes to matters of the heart, you can be sure that people will always be at their craziest.

The series will be hosted by Aisha Tyler, host of E!

Entertainment's "Talk Soup." "Change of Heart's" producers used the opening TCA day to introduce and announce the new host of the show, stand-up comic Lynne Koplitz, who replaces Chris Jagger, who had been host of the show since its launch three years ago.

Los Angeles, CA (1998–2001) New York City, NY (2001–2003) The series was once paired up with the short-lived 1998-99 revival of Love Connection with Pat Bullard.

"Change Of Heart" shifted production to New York in part because "the pool" of suitable TV daters in Los Angeles is running too low. Domestic Television, was "the only game in town," there never was a problem signing up participants for the show, according to executive producer Scott St. He and his producers could go to clubs singles joints to pick out prospective "change of hearters" without fear of competition. John explained at the opening day of the Television Critics Assn.

Thats a whopping four tape days per month with a grand total of eight show tapings per month.

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