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I'm mid 20's Denmark looking for pretty much super raunchy sex with a girl; i'm moderately tall not fantastic looking but not awful looking either - i'll totally trade pics but i'd prefer to keep my "public" post anon as fuck I have mostly no standards appearance wise, as i'm looking for something rather long as we get along fine, you're between 18 and 30~ and we have some stupid kinky sex I like to experiment with drugs but i try to keep things smart I'm easy to deal with, not retarded, good hygiene, a little messy but nothing too extremekinda weird but not intolerable and i'm into pretty much anything as long as it's legalmost i did was a little pee play with an ex, but i'm interested in play, haven't explored much puke play but if you want to try it i'm totally swap, my own and others, , i think i'm down for some zoo things too.cheat on me all you want, let me watch, or just tell me about it, mix it up.semi-public cool with me, what i don't like is over the top one sided dominatrixnot really sure what else to put, i guess ask if need be tl;dr - LF girl Scandinavia into heavy end fetish January 2nd, 2013San Diego, CAThe couple at the adult theater.

I'm 26 years old, 6'4" brown hair, brown eyes, 220lbs, in shape, and considering what I do, I must qualify as bisexual.

This was a wednesday night, after I had been out at a dance club.

I was feeling horny and didn't want the night to end, so I decided to head over to an adult bookstore that has a porn theater.

I fucked her for 5 minutes, then moved back, her husband started to fuck her and she said "You like my fucked cunt, baby? Then I moved back in, this time face to face, she lifted her left leg up and I shoved my cock in as I made out with her and fucked her hard up against the wall. But then I pulled out and pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. Q - what do you call a BITCH who you like (but havn't had sex with yet) but she DUMPED YOUR ASS, AND HAS SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND THEN SENDS YOU PICS TO UR PHONE, AND PISSES YOU OFF IN THE PROCESS.................. I can see your pussy if you so much as lean over in your skirt You: you can at least watch your languge You: even slutty girls dont like being called sluts You: asshole Stranger: Well what would you preffer then love?

This went on for another 5 minutes and I started to get close. But as I pounded her, I knew I wanted to cum in her cunt, but the husband didn't want that... I pushed it all the way in, down her throat and grunted a bit as I held it there. You: you can start by asking my name Stranger: What is your name love? Stranger: I'm Ryan and it's lovely to meet you, sorry we got off on the wrong foot sort of You: its ok.

This theater has two screens, so you can sit and watch one porno or go to the other one if it's showing more to your taste (or you find hotter people on either side.) I decided to settle down into a seat and I just went all out for it. An older man, in his late 50s moved toward me and sat down next to me. It's now 1am, and this is unusual in terms of coming to buy a vibrator with your man.

I pulled my pants around my ankles and sat on the chair. Soon his hand was on my cock stroking me, but it wasn't a few seconds before his mouth was on my cockhead and he was slurping me up and down. I watch them get out, and then I watch them talk to each other. I notice the woman is heading to the restroom to get ready, and I'm back in the theater talking to the old guy who sucked me off.

"Stranger: "Baby if you can make me cum before I finish another beer I'll fucking make out with you" I grin as I order another beer and sip at my first one You: looking up at you You: in little girl voice - please cum in my mouth daddy You: running my lips over your cock You: taking it all in You: massaging your balls Stranger: Oh fuck that's so hot" I moan loudly as I push my cock into you harder even though your kissing the bottom of my cock "Don't stop that ever and I'll fuck you harder than you can ever dream of"You: reach around and finger ur butthole You: running lips back and forth Stranger: "Fuck you know what I love" I moan as I push back against your finger gently "Take your hot tits out baby"You: undoing my top You: "he likes it in the butt that is kind of gay" you hear one of the bikers comment You: rubbing your cock with my tits You: and then taking it in my mouth again Stranger: "Yeah this is really gay right" I say moaning as you put your mouth on my cock "Just keep spending your time with your bros getting drunkw ith them you fat santa reject" I say as I reach down to twist one of your pierced nipples You: using my tongue on the tip Stranger: "Fucking suck my cock Laura" I growl out angrily as I start to slowly thrust into your mouth, taking a large gulp of my first beer You: please daddy dont be angry at me You: taking ur cock in You: deepthroating as i finger ur butthole Stranger: "Don't stop using your little girl voice, it's so hot" I moan as I finish off my first beer "Half way there, stand up so I can finger that tight goth pussy as you suck daddies cock"You: i get up and get on top of the bar, my legs open, my mouth waiting You: i want your cock daddy please daddy i want your cum in my mouth Stranger: I reach out choking you as I kiss you making out enjoying the taste of cock and precum on your tongue as I aggresively rub your pussy and clit, slapping it a few times "Beg me, beg your daddy"You: please daddy i want to taste your cum You: please daddy You: i will do anything ou want Stranger: "Tell everyone who owns you, and your body" I say slapping your lips with my cock You: you own me daddy You: you own my mouth You: you own my pussy You: you own my ass You: you own my tits daddy Stranger: I grab you bending you over a bar stool and pull your skirt up slapping your ass 'And what are you " I say rubbing your face with my spit soaked cock You: i am your little slut daddy Stranger: I spit on your ass and slap it "Suck the cum out of my cock then little slut" I grin as everyone watchs you You: sucking your cock, running my lips back and forth, spending more time iwth my lips on your cock head Stranger: I groan and reach for my beer" Sloppy and loud is how I want it baby" I say chugging half my beer You: moaning as i suck ur cock and rub my clit You: focusing on your cock head Stranger: I reach down and slap your ass before fingering you in tandem as you rub your clit "Talk dirty to me in that little girl voice and tit fuck me baby, I'm gonna nut soon"You: rubbing my breasts with your cock between them You: daddy i love how your cock tastes You: i love being your whore daddy Stranger: I groan and pull my cock from your tits spitting on your face and rubbing it around with my cock "God you are perfect" I say before forcing my cock into your mouth fucking it eagerly as you taste precum ooze onto your tongue and throat You: mmmmmmm You: running my lips over your cock You: swallowing all of oyur cum You: looking up at you Stranger: "Fucking take my cum you goth slut" I groan as I push myself into your mouth and stroke the base errupting a huge torrent into cum hungry mouth You: swallowing ur cum You: "Thank you daddy"You: getting up and puting my arms around you You: "you take such good care of me daddy"You: kiss You: applause from the bikers You: you realize a bunch of them are filming this with their smartphones Stranger: I grab your tits and jiggle them "Who says I'm done baby" I kiss you back making out with you as my cock presses against your legs You: please fuck me daddy Stranger: "Beg me, beg me to fuck you in one of those whore booths, like your a cheap prostitute" I say kissing your tits and sucking on your pierced nipples You: please daddy i want everyone to watch as you fuck your whore little girl You: please daddy You: please You: you can fuck me in the ass if you want Stranger: "You want me to fuck your fat ass you buttslut" I say spanking you hard You: leaning up to whisper in your ear there is lube in my purse daddy Stranger: "Then lube up my cock and ask everyone who's watching if it's gonna go in your big fat ass" I purr as I stick a finger in your ass You: pulling out lube and lubing up your cock slowly, adding kisses to it, getting it haard You: turning to the bikers You: "Daddy is going to fuck me in the ass"You: putting a big glob of lube in my butthole as well You: "My daddy is wonderful"Stranger: "Get on your knees and face to this cum stained floor" I order "And spread your ass for me you kinky slut" I say kissing you lovingly You: thank you daddy You: getting down on the floor with my ass in the air You: please fuck my whore ass daddy Stranger: "Lick the cum off the floor you slut" I say gripping your hair pushing your face to the sticky ground as I slowly push into your ass to the loud cheers of the bikers You: no please daddy don't make me do that You: the floor is dirty You: your cock feels so good in my ass daddy You: pushing against ur cock You: moaning You: oh daddy oh god this feels so good Stranger: "Then how will you get your fix of cum baby" I say angrily pounding your ass "My little whore needs her addiction fed" I slap your ass as I pound deep into you You: please daddy not off the floor please dont be mean daddy You: reaching down to play with my clit as you fuck my ass You: oooohhh daddy daddy ooooo Stranger has disconnected.

It usually takes me a while to cum, but I can usually focus in on some really hot fantasy or situation and get off easier. It seems like the man is giving the woman a pep talk or dirty talk. Now, the woman was about 5'6" blonde hair, a decent body, a little pudgy but more curvy than anything else. He's seen them there before, and he says I should get in on it. So this woman is in the corner right next to the movie screen, which makes it very difficult for people outside of the corner to see her (since the screen is so bright and the corner so dark.) She's squatting down and sucking on a cock and her husband is encouraging her, telling her to suck it down, and be a nasty slut.

This time, the saliva from his sloppy blowjob was dripping down my balls and into my asscrack. I ask if I should go out and get a condom from my car, and he says yes... I push my way forward after one guy moves out (there were only like 5-6 of us there, and I was, by far, the youngest.) and she looks up at me and takes my soft cock into her mouth. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth a little, at first I didn't grab it and bumped her head against the wall a few times until I realized what I was doing and grabbed her.

returning kiss Stranger: "I love your ass, it's what made me want you first" Ia dmit as I pass you your shots You: thanks sweetie. You: tossing the drinks back Stranger: "Hopefully your bottom especially" I grin as I take my two shots and wash it down with a beer before grabbing the back of your neck and pulling your lips to mine as I hungrily kiss you standing off the stool and between your legs You: kissing you back You: putting one hand on your ass You: stroking your tight ass Stranger: "No fair you're sitting down" I say breaking the kiss as I run my hand under your skirt and thumb at your clit before pushing my tongue into your mouth You: kissing you back moving my hand to your crotch You: running my hand through your pants over your cock Stranger: "Are the booths mandatory" I purr into your ear as I bite and suck on your neck You: "no honey bunny"You: unzipping your fly You: whisper if I suck you off will you get hard again and fuck me right away?

Stranger: "Honey, you'll still be swallowing my load as I'm pushing an even harder cock into you" I tease as I slip two fingers into you curling my fingers against yourr gspot You: whisper I want you to cum in my mouth You: kneeling You: There does not seem to be much of a reaction from others in the bar, obviously this is not that unusual.

If I'm really lucky, she'll still be sweaty and smell like she just got fucked.

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