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When the Australian government’s National Broadband Network was announced in 2009, Ipswich partnered with local communities to create what they called the Western Corridor National Broadband Network and attract national investment.A Digital Hub project and Digital Enterprise program are equipping citizens and business with digital skills, while Ipswich begins a major redevelopment of its city center, where digital technologies will be used to attract tenants and to improve public safety.

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Development is focused on an Innovation Boulevard project, where the city, universities and business are building clusters in health technology, clean tech and advanced manufacturing.And in 2013, Columbus was named one of the top 10 cities in the US for new college grads Ipswich is appearing on the Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year list for the first time.In 2011, Ipswich published a 20-year economic development plan designed to combat its challenges and prepare for the ones to come.It led to the merger of two hospitals, creating a unified healthcare system that became the city’s biggest employer, and the construction of new schools that partnered with the local university and recreation center to advance educational excellence.Telecommunications development has created another economy on top of Mitchell’s agricultural one, consisting of engineering, consulting and software companies that have made Mitchell into a regional hub for expertise and services.This includes any damages, without limitation, arising out of communicating with other participants registered with Lightning Speed Dating.

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