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We recommend avoiding Firefox as the browser for accessing the archive as the Page Suite hosting page doesn't work as well on that platform.GTC members also have extra rights as a benefit of membership accessible via a GTC member log-in page.GTC member digital editions access page: org.uk/publications/Also included with Zerb 87 was the special Zerb Mental Heatlh Supplement.Managing Editor: Alison Chapman; Guest Editor: Sally Garrett GTC members wishing to view this edition digitally can access it here: org.uk/publications/Click on the images below to see sample articles from the current issue of Zerb.His mission is endangered when the ship is plagued by computer malfunctions.Wesley discovers that the reason is his experiment to improve the performance of nanites that got out of control when the microscopic robots escaped and developed a consciousness and the ability to reproduce themselves. Wesley reluctantly confesses his error to his mother Beverly, who has recently returned from Starfleet Medical.The almost equally important sub-plot of Picard negotiating with the Sheliak is more interesting because he manages to beat the Sheliak with diplomacy, turning their own treaty against them.He seems to have quite a bit of fun when the Sheliak finally have to come round. Paul Stubbs has spent 20 years of research to observe a stellar phenomenon in the Kavis Alpha system that occurs only once in 196 years.

Data is on his own to convince the colonists to leave but he has a strong opponent in their leader Gosheven who does not mind the alien threat at all.Although Data is finally given a chance to develop in "The Ensigns of Command", even including some rudimentary romantic relationship, I don't like it too much.Maybe it is because the whole plot reminds me too much of TOS: "This Side of Paradise", where there were forgotten settlers likewise, they became immune to fatal radiation likewise, it was a hard task to convince them to leave likewise, it required a bit of violence in the end likewise, and Spock fell victim to unexpected emotions a bit like Data does here.The Bonding Booby Trap The Enemy The Price The Vengeance Factor The Defector The Hunted The High Ground Dj QA Matter of Perspective Yesterday's Enterprise The Offspring Sins of the Father Allegiance Captain's Holiday Tin Man Hollow Pursuits The Most Toys Sarek Mnage Troi Transfigurations The Best of Both Worlds I/II Stardate 43133.3: The insectoid Sheliak demand that the human colony on the planet Tau Cygna V has to be evacuated within four days; otherwise they would remove the colonists by force.The planet is in their territory, according to the long-winded Treaty of Armens of 2255.Non-members visiting the archive who would like to download content, please apply for permission: [email protected]

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