Sim dating 2 0 is freddy adu still dating jo jo


Secret networking can only be received by newly met townies; if the townie has given a network, or if the townie didn't give one at the first time they met, he/she will never network again.Other than townies, apartment neighbors and roommates may also give Sims a secret network.Thus, if the Sim moves out, the other household members will have to pay the normal rent price.If the Sim rents another apartment, they still retain the benefit.Sim who receives this penalty will have their rent raised by 5% the next time they pay their rent.This penalty, however, won't stack if other household members also receive this.If, somehow Sim has met with the new Sim before the phone call, there won't be any incoming phone calls.

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So Sim with Shark of Sharks perk will get 40% discount off, for 30% from the perk and extra 10% from the benefit. Sim will be offered a blind date right on the spot.

This benefit, however, won't stack if other household members also receive this.

This benefit works like a memory token, so the benefit sticks with the Sim forever, not the family.

Similar to Lower Rent benefit, this benefit belongs to one Sim, not the family.

If other household members also gain this benefit, the discount won't stack.

If a Sim interacts well and gains enough daily relationship, he/she might be given a beneficial network.

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