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If I were to get married, I would not want to be a financial burden on my husband because I lost my Social Security.

It is hard enough now as it is with me supporting myself.

To lose the financial help of Social Security is just wrong.

I receive Social Security disability benefits due to my mental illness.

And I don't want to have to be in the position where I have to choose between keeping my benefits or getting married.

People with disabilities should have the same rights as anyone else, and that should include marriage.

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People with disabilities on Medicaid who get married and cannot stay on Medicaid do save the Medicaid program some money, but they cost other government programs more.

Beyond these marriage-related SSI benefit and asset restrictions, eligibility for SSI in most states means eligibility for Medicaid.

Medicaid covers services not covered by other health insurance plans such as a personal care aid, certain durable medical equipment, medications, and transportation to medical appointments.

And that is why there is a national movement to get this changed.

I want to share with you how marriage penalties are affecting real people, and why we want them changed, by sharing the perspectives of two other self-advocates: Timothy and Kurtlyn.

Let's say I got married and our joint assets are more than ,000. Then, with my nursing costs alone being more than 0,000 a year our assets would go below ,000 in a matter of months as we spent them down, and I could go back on Medicaid.

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