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The College is proud of its excellent array of facilities and equipment, notably the Study Centre, computing and IT suites, Construction Centre, Engineering Wing, design workshops and, most recently, our £6.6m Advanced Learning Centre, CAMPUS 6.

Whatever you choose to study, you will be assured of a warm welcome at Pembrokeshire College.

With approximately 2,000 full-time and 12,500 part-time students, College tutors provide a disciplined and supportive framework which focuses on student success.

These range from off-the-peg classics on St Govan’s, North-Pembroke gems on St David’s Head and Carreg y Barcud, army dream-routes on Range West, the great fords, zawns and bays of Stennis, Huntsman’s, Rusty Walls and Misty Walls, ultra-classic wall climbs at Trevallen, Mowing Word and Stackpole and the unforgettable voyages at Mother Carey’s.

However, just as we were coming to the end of this particular climbing guidebook project, an experience with friends does sum up everything that Pembroke is to me; namely good climbing, adventure, camaraderie and sheer unadulterated fun – and it seems the most appropriate story here.

We were a month away from printing the book but still struggling to find the elusive cover shot.

As you can imagine communication was difficult, as the wind had picked up and the cliff was severely overhanging in its lower third.

Kate meanwhile gave up on instructing Flo, tied into one of the climbing ropes and heroically started climbing the saturated rock face with one of the stupendously heavy rucksacks on her back, trying to get as much of our kit up as possible before the sea claimed it.

The guide is available now, with discount for BMC members, from the BMC Shop, and inspiration and dreams drool off every page. Can you think of one experience that sums up the Pembroke adventure for you? Just when you think you have everything under control the very nature and closeness of the sea can provide you with a complete epic, the survival of which gives a feeling of utter elation – and all under the feet of unsuspecting tourists only moments away, yet as distanced from your world as it is possible to be.

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