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You can't hear the inflection in someone’s voice that this is a difficult moment.

Conveying empathy is much more difficult.”Chat-based conversations require more time to build trust and rapport.

“The idea of taking up a phone and speaking to a complete stranger about things I wasn’t even entirely sure of myself seemed daunting.

The online chat helped me express what I wasn’t able to vocalize with my therapist or family and friends.

We are now living in a chat-based society and traditional crisis hotlines are struggling to adapt.

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It records no transcripts of the session and all data are encrypted.“We are catching young survivors and people who say they could never talk about this out loud.Online communication gives them the space to control the conversation and put down their own narrative about what happened.”Marsh said that a vast majority of the online hotline visitors are between 13 and 24 years old.“On chat, people reveal way more than they do on the phone, and that is a huge opportunity for us to start exploring topics surrounding assault and coercion without making the visitor feel completely vulnerable.”Conversely, the greater anonymity of the chat system makes it more difficult to gather information that can help provide the best support.Volunteers have far fewer contextual clues about the visitor’s gender, age, or current state of mind, and you cannot make assumptions.More than half are talking about abuse or assault that took place five or more years ago.

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