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Hyde-esque alter ego who really hates Serena and is constantly trying to sabotage their relationship. Either way, When it comes to Dan and Jenny, the writers tried to cover themselves in the series finale by including a line claiming that Jenny knew he was Gossip Girl all along.

Jenny was a total social climber, second only to her brother in her desperation to get on the inside, so she’d definitely use the GG access to her advantage.

But the blast shows Serena, who is Dan’s girlfriend at this time, buying a pregnancy test, thus sending the entire school (and Dan’s dad) into a tailspin. Oh, and then there’s this gem about Blair later in the episode:“Looks like the Virgin Queen isn’t as pure as she pretended to be. She spread lies instead.” Dan Humphrey: redefining since 2007.

So Dan and Serena get back together at the start of season two, but Dan really wants to keep it a secret.

Dan literally writing himself into their narrative, penning snarky commentary on his relationships with Serena, Blair, et al while playing the innocent nice guy, is a potentially amazing antihero story. Why are you pretending to be shocked when you’re alone in your kitchen?

That’s not the story Dan is visibly surprised to read a Gossip Girl update saying that Serena’s looking for a date to the masked ball, and decides to blow off his plans with Vanessa to go and surprise her. The exposed brick doesn’t care that you’re Gossip Girl.

Damien stirs up chufk drama on the Upper East Side.

Remember when Dan had that brief, creepy affair with a teacher at Constance, and Gossip Girl posted the rumor before they even officially hooked up?

Maybe Dan decided to pre-empt Serena’s plan out of pure spite, but what kind of a petty asshole would … The blast goes like this: “It seems D and S share a sibling!

While I’m always a fan of star-crossed lovers, at least Romeo and Juliet didn’t share DNA!

Serena persuades him that they should reveal all at Blair’s upcoming party … Lily and Rufus’s love child was all-around one of the show’s worst storylines, and it led to one of the most egregious "Dan as Gossip Girl" fails.

but then a Gossip Girl blast comes out showing the two of them kissing. After learning about their long-lost sibling, Dan and Jenny understandably decide to keep it quiet — but Gossip Girl takes the first opportunity to spill the incestuous beans, making Dan and Serena’s barely reconciled relationship super awkward.

But being outed as a drug dealer did not help her social standing in any way, and she’s clearly really upset about it in this episode. A poll specifically asking whether Serena should choose Dan or Nate.

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