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And window 8.1 with my fone and my mates fone ones open run ok its just opening the fix that will be ok It is really slow, especially when someone writes something, the app stops for few seconds. Note that this copy can be either a scan of your document, or a picture of its photo page (for example done with your Smartphone’s camera) 2.3 HIPPOCKETWIFI ENGAGEMENTS Hippocket Wifi shall use reasonable endeavours to provide Customer with the Services and to ensure the security of Customer’s communications at all times.However, due to the nature of mobile technology, it is impossible to provide an uninterrupted, fault-free service.4 2.2 REGISTRATION FOR USING HIPPOCKETWIFI SERVICES The customer must fill a form to use Hippocket Wifi directly from the web browser under https://To register for our services, the customer has to provide the following information: – First and Last Name – An address (billing address) – An email address – A mobile phone number – A copy of an official document like passport, driving licence, ID The last point is a French legal requirement.Remember my choice for next time You are being transferred to Samsung Electronics Italia S.p.

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