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Though, my real life friends who roleplayed were not much better. The other had what you could describe as ‘final boss syndrome’ and would only RP as emotionless super powerful beings.Everything from a sixteen foot tall titanium alloy golem or Zeriam, an immortal invulnerable alien from some fucking anime we watched.A group effort, if you will, forged through the ever cool and not lame bonds of online roleplay.More specifically chat room based, late 90s, AOL Roleplay.

For you see, my tragyic past is something of a shared experience.What better place to do it than RP Chatrooms on a dial-up modem? ’ There was dice, but no one seemed to pay attention to it. The RP community was so vast and there were so many variations on the rules that if you found two people following the same ones in an open chatroom it was the RL (Real Life for all you non-RP coolkids) equivalent of finding the Yeti riding the Lockness Monster like a jetski.In AOL Roleplay the realm was named Rhy Din or Rhy’din or just Rhydin. There were however some universal rules that most everyone seemed to follow, and I wished they hadn’t, some of the more notable ones were: .Ah the late-90s, Dragon Ball Z was the hottest anime on TV, Final Fantasy 7 and 8 were released, along with a re-release of Star Wars, and The first Matrix film.It was a time of great entertainment milestones, iconic moments in the world of gamer and geekdom, a glorious time for a socially maladjusted nerd like myself to fully engross himself into. No universally recognized rules or real ways of enforcing said rules.The problems inherent with such a system should be readily apparent to anyone with even a tiny iota of common sense.

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