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CLICK TO PLAY CLICK TO LISTEN ON ITUNES In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Rachel went from founding a company that created one of Oprah’s “favourite things” to reinventing the way parents shop for their children today? Where does Rachel see many make mistakes in the fundraising process?

2.) Why does Rachel believe that “fundraising is like dating”? 3.) How does Rachel think about capital efficiency with the evolution of her business?

But don’t take my word for this, take the word of Eventbrite, former 20VC guest Hims, and Dialpad – all customers and lovers of Terminal. Whether you’re starting your own small business or getting serious about making your small business more efficient, you need to invite Fresh Books to the table.

Fresh Books makes cloud accounting software that’s so ridiculously easy to use and you’ll quickly understand why over 10 million people use it to radically streamline how they deal with their admin and paperwork.

What does Elad believe are the reasons to avoid IPOing? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Elad’s Fave Book: Ben Horowitz, Andy Grove As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Elad on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Instagram here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

Elad Gil is the Founder @ Color, the startup that shows you your genes can help you make better health decisions.

They have raised over 2m in funding from the likes of General Catalyst, CRV, 8VC, Aaron Levie and more incredible names.

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Just click a link in your browser, and you’re in the meeting.To claim your 30-day unrestricted free trial, click here enter Twenty Minute VC in the “how did you hear about us section”.Highfive makes meetings better for thousands of organizations with insanely simple video conferencing designed for meeting rooms.With customers in over 100 countries, Highfive is already trusted by the likes of Evernote, Expensify, and Betterment and you can learn more by simply heading over to Rachel Blumenthal is the Founder & CEO @ Rockets of Awesome, the startup that is reinventing the way parents shop for their kids clothes.Why do many founders not fully assess the financial benefits of being bought by a high growth startup?

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