Rhian ramos and mo twister dating 100 totally free x dates

Fans hate celebrities lying about their relationships especially when there are witnesses who claimed that they are dating and particularly kissing each other. If i were you I would be the proudest and the luckiest man in the universe!

If this report is true, then Mo Twister should be man enough to admit that they have a relationship.

"Every time that I would try to break up, he would get really mad or he would threaten me. "For now I just asked if I could rest for a little bit.

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Still, Rhian clarified that nothing is going on between her and the 33-year-old, who filed for divorce from Geneva Cruz in March. Some had guessed that the blind item was referring to Rhian and KC, who were both in Boracay for an event.What is even more appalling is that the reported boyfriend is very much married and has six kids, with the oldest child almost of the same age as Rhian Ramos.The said Porsche driving new boyfriend is an accomplished architect (shades of Zsa Zsa Padilla’s new boyfriend! The said female star has an on-going primetime TV soap.Also we saw that Rhian Ramos is the one who is dry pumping (sorry for the word) DJ Mo Twister and not the other way around.Anyway, here is the kissing scandal youtube video of Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo Twister.Reportedly, Rhian Ramos and the 60-year-old architect met during the Vios Cup races in Clark and the two hit it up from there.

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