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So in Java code we would use it too, but instead of attributes we will modify it by methods.

There are three scenarios: Now we focus only on scenario 1, leaving 2 & 3 for future lessons.

To find Text View we will use find View By Id() method (it allows to find any type of View, but now we know only Text View…).

First we have to create a variable based on Text View class.

This line displays on device screen layout resource – in this case activity_file.

By the way maybe you have noticed that adding this code also resulted in a new line in import section at the top of Main file: Import is used to add predefined Android or Java classes from other packages, but we don’t have to bother about it as Android Studio adds import lines automatically as we start to use some classes. Now we have to assign Text View from layout file to Text View variable.

We name it text Element, but of course you could choose your name.

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As an argument of set Text() we could also use a String variable (so the variable storing a text).If we want to add something to a text displayed by Text View, we don’t need to get text first, modify it and set that text again. Of course we still need to refer to Text View element found via find View By Id().This is a code: Instead of a specific string you could use a String variable or string resource as in the previous step.Method set Text() as an argument could use specific text, string resource or String variable.We’ve also managed to use get Text() to read a text assigned to specific Text View.Previous: Lesson 0.12: Java basics – more about methods & variables (access modifiers public or private, getters and setters) Next: Lesson 1.4: How to change a color of text and background in Text View?

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