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I just want to see him maybe twice a week, so it works perfectly if he’s got another wife who can take care of all his cooking and cleaning.’” In 2010, London Mayor Boris Johnson’s then 45-year-old ex-wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen married a Muslim man in secret.

In an article for the Evening Standard she explained her approach to polygamy: “I realise that I am unlikely to conceive children [at my age] so we agreed that, so long as he chooses a good partner, then I am happy to live together in an extended family.” But this intriguing application of Muslim teachings, based on a woman’s desire to maintain her independence and career without sacrificing a personal home life completely, is not the norm.

Qureshi states matter-of-factly: “Men are polygamous by nature.

Anybody who says they’re monogamous or they’ve never had an affair or a fling or even looked at somebody – they’re lying.” Qureshi may dress up her justifications as pragmatism – “I wouldn’t really want to have a man under my feet seven days a week to be honest” – but in the end her argument for entering a polygamous marriage is a religious one.

, which sets out to explain how the sister wives marriage works.

Legally speaking, marriage can only exist between two individuals, but the sister wives rules are different.

This sister wives marriage is considered unconventional, and a lot of rules apply when it comes to joining the Brown family.

She recently got divorced and said, ‘I don’t have time to have a bloke around all the time.If sister wives are par for the course in the Brown family, what about brother husbands? In Season 1, Meri asked Kody Brown how he would feel about her giving attention to another man.His answer was pretty blunt: "It’s just not something I’m comfortable imagining.Other regulations, however, might seem a little questionable – like the strict rules in place regarding the chastity of their kids.If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a sister wife, read up on the boundaries and requirements of a polygamist marriage.In their church, the Apostolic United Brethren, polygamy is permitted and men often have multiple wives.

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