Pithy dating headlines


" And if you don't get any of that, you need to brush up on your film lore. But: cynicism, glibness, and sarcasm don't translate well to the page; or the screen, as it is.

They resonate about fifty times stronger and uglier than you intended. A few are immediate interest-killers, and a few others simply give your profile a bad smell.

Even if it's not a hugely bad profile name, keep in mind that it still sets the tone for how people view you.

If you declare yourself to be But if you have a monumentally bad profile name, we recommend that you take advantage of OK Cupid's for-fee program that lets you change your name but retain your membership.

When you first create your Linked In account, your Linked In headline is populated with your current job title and company name.

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Rarely have we seen a profile that cannot be improved.

♨ Russell Faust - definitely memorable, made me want to click on the link to learn more about him.

I also pulled some interesting headlines from my fellow The Linked In takers (the challenge is headed by Sarah Santacroce). ♨ Catherine Crow - a great alternative to a 'Social Media Consultant', don't you think?

After all, you probably left a relationship where the other person did things that drove your crazy.

But keep these desirable or undesirable characteristics private.

And improvement equals more dates and better dates. That's exactly what your dating profile name is communicating to the world in the span of a millisecond.

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