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They want someone with a high salary, a nice apartment, and a Beijing hukou [household registration].”Others say that cooperative marriages are on the whole more egalitarian than traditional heterosexual relationships.

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In a country where the pressure to get married is strong and starts early, it has long been common for gays to marry straight spouses.

A yet-to-be-published study sponsored by Common Language, a lesbian organization in Beijing, surveyed 19 people looking for cooperative marriage partners across China.

The study found that most people use online forums to meet potential partners and that gay men tend to take a more active role in pursuing female partners.

(Such marriages are also known as “fake marriage” [jia jiehun] or “ritual marriage” [xingshi hunyin].)Xiaojiong, in fact, was one of the first to create an online forum for gay men and lesbian women to find such marriage partners.

At the time, her motivation was to find herself a husband.

During the Habsburg Monarchy, however, all traces of a revolutionary context had to be erased.

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