Online dating profiles of the wise and famous

The most stylish thing Kate has ever worn on Christmas Day was over-the-knee boots.

Princess Diana once incurred criticism for wearing a bright purple coat and matching wide-brimmed hat.

The royal family and their children attend mass at the church of St. There is a private service where the Queen receives communion first. the family makes the traditional walk to church together.

Only the Queen arrives by car and is accompanied by a different royal every year.

Lom was close enough to Sellers to be privy to his infatuation with Sophia Loren, although to hear Sellers telling it, he recalls, she was the one infatuated.

Anyway, a day or two later, Lom calls me asking if we can meet again, explaining that there are some more things he wishes to say.

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And for more fun facts about Meghan, read here about one of her first gigs: suitcase model on “Deal or No Deal.” If Meghan does accompany Harry to Sandringham, she’ll likely find herself on the sidelines of the traditional Christmas Eve soccer game where her fiancé and future brother-in-law compete against each other for charity as they head up two teams comprised of family members, villagers, and staff. Since Meghan has already met the Queen, she has probably already been schooled on the proper way to hold a tea cup.The King, who broadcasted his Christmas address via radio from a room in Sandringham, and the Queen, who delivered her first address in 1957, continues the tradition today.Everyone leaves on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas)."We are constantly told that our prime minister is a charlatan, a liar, a cheat, a poodle. I have lived in Czechoslovakia, France and England and I have never known anything like it." He looks up from his note pad."You know," he adds, "I am as scared of Clare Short as I am of Saddam Hussein. As a woman I find her very attractive, but she is a pain in the arse.It is one of many wise decisions he has made in his long life.

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