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On entering the house the victim claimed Rainey "flipped out", pushing her to the floor.

While on the ground it is alleged she was repeatedly kicked and stamped on, with her left leg sustaining the majority of the blows.

There were also instances of harassment, silent phone calls and attacks on victims.

Visit Their Website What, you have yet to join Plenty of Fish?Rainey denied any kicking or punching took place, but was unable to give an account for the injuries or the damage that was caused.After being cautioned for causing grievous bodily harm, he said he "never touched" the victim.Users can also see who have looked at their profile (although now for a fee as of December 2010), ban certain types of users from contacting them (such as from certain regions of the world or people only looking for sex), and add people to their personal favorites list. " Ranging in topic from dealing with a broken heart to non-dating related debates, the forums are an excellent way of 'meeting' people virtually.Plus, many members take it upon themselves to organize events and meet & greets for everyone to attend, and the place to find such events are in the forums.At Armagh Magistrates Court yesterday, an officer confirmed the charges could be connected to the defendant.

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