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As a parent you want to see your children succeed, but it’s easy to cross the line from guiding your children to actually controlling each step they take.

June Hunt shows a father how to refocus his parenting style in order to build a bridge to his kids. Are you preparing your children to be independent adults, or are you dependent on your children for your identity?

organizes all religious bodies in North America into twenty (20) families.

Families share three common features: heritage, theology or belief (in a broad sense), and lifestyle.

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Note: Several of the organizations and religious groups listed on this page either do not envision themselves as denominations or are loose associations of congregations; therefore, the web site listed might not be an official denominational site nor represent an "official" perspective of a national religious entity.Gretchen* has been betrayed, and she questions how she responded to her husband’s infidelity.Listen as June Hunt helps Gretchen understand codependency and how only God can meet all her needs.Visit this link to view religious bodies organized by family. I want to make sure you undestand how I set this thing up. Paul is talking about an "emotional fire." I guess you could call it a "fire of passion." Touching in an attempt to get your girlfriend or boyfriend "in the mood" isn't acceptable Christian behavior. The world has no problem starting "fires of passion." But we aren't like the world. Listen as June shares hope and help for turning the tables on his substance abuse. God placed within each of us a basic need for relationship.

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