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He sadly notes, “They have so many things they are involved in with their own lives that somehow church becomes the bottom part instead of one of the priorities.

It’s hard to convince them that God is to be the center of their lives and with God, the church.” He believes that those who feel a call to priesthood should look into it.

Father Lukasz was ordained to the priesthood in 2015 and is currently serving at his first assignment, St. He enjoys celebrating the Eucharist for people every day and believes that one of the most important and touching ministries for him is the ministry of the sick. Lukasz said, “It’s important to visit people, anoint them, give them hope and show them that they are not alone.

People at the end of their lives truly appreciate that someone like me, who wants to be with them, is there.

He walked to school, which was five minutes from his house, each day.

Although it was a public school, the Catholic Faith was taught by a priest.

I strongly felt the presence of Jesus and asked him to accompany me throughout my life, no matter what happened.” Although sometimes he felt closer to Jesus than at other times, he believes Jesus granted his request and has been with him through both good and difficult times.

He grew up in the small town of Ropczyce, Poland with his parents and two brothers.

God is now the most important thing for me, and He directs my life.” His first memories of becoming a priest were in elementary school as an altar server.

My job was to set the table.” His faith was influenced heavily by his mother and grandmother who passed along many of their Catholic beliefs and traditions.

He recalled his father providing the biggest lesson of prayer when he would walk into the boys’ bedroom each night after work.

“They shouldn’t just let it go and think it’s not there. In doing so they are really going to be able to discern if it’s for them.” Father Dennis is very glad he listened to the priest who told him to try the seminary high school and his father who told him to stick to it when the going got tough. It’s hard to believe the time has passed so quickly.” Reflecting on a key moment in his life, Fr.

Lukasz recalled, “My First Holy Communion Day affected me very deeply.

“After I finished my theological studies in Poland at the University of Blessed John Paul II and knowing that the United States currently has very few priests, I decided to come here to serve as a priest.” He began at Orchard Lake Seminary in Michigan where many men from Poland study, but found that it was difficult to learn English because everyone spoke to each other in Polish outside of classes.

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