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Later, Ami gets a visitor from his past and deals with the headache of artist Lee Rodriguez.A female customer comes storming into the shop claiming that Lee offered her a free tattoo while he was drunk.Risque photos of Megan spread around the office, causing a stir among employees.Ami has been allowing Billy to do a small tattoo for a short time and now it is his chance to work on a more elaborate one.The series intro is narrated by James: I'm Ami James and I'm a tattoo artist. Because I don't want the best tattoo shop in New York, I want the best shop in the world.

Check out what's going by community around Long Island, New York!

After walking out on his job at Wooster Street, Billy needs some help from Chris to get his own business off the ground.

After realizing her true feelings for a close friend, Megan wonders if pursuing it is worth jeopardizing their friendship. Missing his native California, Tim drags Ami out to the beach to go surfing.

After Miami Ink (2004–2008) ended, tattoo artist Ami James moved to New York City in 2011 to fulfill his dream of opening a new tattoo studio, which he named the Wooster St.

Social Club (now called Five Points Tattoo, located on 127 Lafayette Street. James was joined again by producers David Roma and Charlie Corwin to detail the proceedings in the shop on NY Ink. So I've hand-picked the finest tattoo artists around.

Objects The underwater objects collected here are arranged in no particular order to encourage you to peruse the list and make new discoveries each time you visit it.

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