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One artifact of particular interest is the Cup of Nestor .A Golden goblet, discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1876 in the ancient civilization of Mycenae.

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Depictions of primitive wine presses can be seen on the walls of Minoan tombs dating as far back to 3000 BCE.The ancient Greeks began the practice of sealing these wine barrels with pine resin, as to prevent the wine from spoiling.The resin helped make the barrels air-tight while simultaneously adding a distinct pine aroma to the drink.Brooke Lawson | Cinnamon Toast Ken | Cryaotic | Eat My Diction1 | Fine Brothers | Game Grumps | Jesse Busemeyer | Jordan Maron | Latin Goddess | Lixian TV | Matthias | Pew Die Pie | Rosanna Pansino | Sea Nanners | The RPGMinx | Zombiemold | Ohmwrecker Jessica Fossey | Caspie1405 | Coyotemation | Cranbersher | Crown Interactive | Did You Know Gaming?While the ancient philosophers were attempting to unearth truth through intellectual discourse, they were often doing so with a cup of wine in hand and plenty more waiting in a nearby carafe.This idea would seem to lead to the thought that the Greeks would take measures to protect their wines while the invaders would make off with their women and treasures.

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