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The program was initially launched back in 2009 and was made available to any and all military spouses.The Do D was quickly overwhelmed by the response and they were forced to shut down their services.According to the Rand Corp survey, most eligible spouses who did not sign up for the My CAA program believed that they are ineligible.Rand Corp also found that many newly married families, in the last three years or so, simply did not know that the program existed.Hester Ferris, the social lioness played by the marvelous Jan Maxwell in the terrific new play “The City of Conversation,” by Anthony Giardina, knows a fellow feline when she sees one.

We can fault a mixture of the turbulent launch and then heavily modified re-launch for the lack of general awareness.

In a tone that makes clear that she has done an instant X-ray and discerned an ambitious young operator beneath the benign exterior, Hester quips, “I think I saw that movie.” When this meets a blank stare, she clarifies: “The young faux-naïf making up to the aging star.

It’s called ‘All About Eve.’ ”Although its setting is the theater of politics as opposed to Broadway, Mr.

When the Do D decided to re-launch the program they made the decision to scale it back and only allow spouses of junior ranked personnel to utilize the benefits. The My CAA programs approved and confirmed as being used only numbered around 20% of the eligible demographic in a survey done by the Rand Corp.

In fact, the same study showed that half of the eligible spouses didn’t even know that the program existed.

Anna is the young woman whose ambitions Hester can scent so instinctively.

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