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It gives the appearance that in order to be part of a family, an individual first needs to disregard the Church’s teachings.I obviously don’t believe that conclusion myself, but I know it must look that way to many outside observers.Franken was first elected to the United States Senate in 2008 as the nominee of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL, an affiliate of the Democratic Party, defeating incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman by 312 votes out of nearly three million cast.He won reelection in 2014 with 53.2% of the vote over Republican challenger Mike Mc Fadden.I’ve heard many a homily on the topic of marriage including encouragement for married couples to continue living their vocation, reminders on the importance of bringing children to Mass, etc.How hard would it be to encourage singles to continue the Catholics, married and single, that they are obligated to get themselves to Mass on certain days?For those dioceses which feel that this, or any other kind of outreach, is not feasible in the near future, prayers, encouragement, and spiritual advice could still be given from the pulpit for those of us who practice our faith.Cardinal Dolan’s suggestion on prayers for more marriage vocations is an easy way to help singles who are called to marriage.

I’ve seen the Church put great effort into helping married couples stay married, something which is quite admirable on the Church’s part.

At a time in which we are supposed to be evangelizing the culture around us, the New Evangelization is being undermined by the fact that more and more Catholics are not living out their vocations.

Why should the Church take an interest in single Catholics?

Sometimes it seems as if many of the people marrying young in the Church are the folks who are living together, using contraception, marrying outside the Church, etc., while those who follow the Church’s teachings are unable to establish a family.

Secular society looks at this phenomenon and sees further “evidence” that the Church’s teachings are outdated.

Ultimately, helping singles who are called to marriage, whether they are young, old, or in between, is an important aspect of counteracting the culture of death.