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"Now that there's no start-up sound, it's like sitting down at a restaurant and there's no one there to greet you," Reekes said.

"It's it just feels strange." Apple's camera click sound is everywhere.

Conversations with businesses are encrypted and they can be blocked.

Interestingly, if a business isn’t already in your phone number contacts, its name will appear as whatever they register themselves as instead of their number.

As a part of the lawsuit, Reekes was tasked with renaming any sound effect that had a musical-sounding name.

One of his beeps, originally called "Xylophone," needed a new name.

is gearing up to finally monetize its messaging app by charging large enterprise businesses for tools to better communicate with customers.

But what they may not know, is that three of the most famous Apple sounds — the boot up chord, the camera click and the "Sosumi" beep, all were created by one man, mostly from his San Jose living room.

"I actually said I'm gonna call it 'let it beep' and of course you can't do anything like that, but I thought yeah, 'so sue me.' And then I thought that's actually the right name," Reekes said.

"I'll just have to spell it funny, so I spelled it Sosumi." He told the lawyers it was a Japanese word that didn't mean anything musical.

Whats App also officially announced its closed pilot program for verifying business accounts with a green checkmark to distinguish them from personal accounts and fakes.

Whats App began testing verified accounts for businesses a week ago.

"That's how that Sosumi beep came around," Reekes explained.

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