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As soon as the roots have trapped enough material, all water flow is stopped, resulting in sewage backup.

is where the sewer pipe has lost positive slope going to its destination.

Typically, sewers flow by gravity to where they tie into the city's main sewer.

If a line is properly installed, it will have a positive slope for the entire duration of its distance.

conditions occur when connected sections of pipe do not line up perfectly causing pipes to sits lower or off to the side of the connecting pipe.

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Clay tile pipe is also an ideal material for use in difficult environments since it is amazingly strong, having nearly a 3/4" thickness, and is virtually impervious to deterioration from normal use. Clay tile pipe tends to leak water at the joints, making a wonderful water source for thirsty trees and shrubs.

Click Here on sanitary sewer pipe is required to properly transport both solid and liquid waste.

Proper pitch is normally considered ¼" drop for every foot horizontal (check with your local plumbing official for acceptable tolerances).

Or, if pipes are constructed at slopes less than the recommended ¼-inch drop per foot of pipe, the liquids won't be moving fast enough to carry away the solids in the pipe.

If debris build up is severe enough, it can eventually fill a pipe and cause backups or slow-draining sewers.

When originally installed, plumbers "sealed" the numerous joints in the clay tile sewer line with materials such as concrete, coal tar, oakum, or rubber gaskets.

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