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Rod Tucker goes to his partner, has a longish chat with Marais Erasmus and takes it upstairs, giving the soft signal as Not Out. It shows that the ball has hit the pad after taking the inside edge, lobbed off the boot and is in the air a bit. Perera sidetracks from mid off and goes towards long off. In the end, he turned around and takes that catch with a dive.

The man from silly point has taken a clean catch as well, concludes the TV umpire. The entire Sri Lanka side comes to him to congratulate him as he sits there in disbelief.

Sandakan strikes to end the first session on a high. Huge appeal follows to which the umpire has no hesitation in raising his finger. He does so but it goes straight towards short leg where it hits Mendis on the left side of the chest. Suranga keeps it on a length and in the avenue of apprehension. The ball bounces just a bit more, takes the outer half of the bat and settles into the mitts of Dickwella behind. Spoons it off the inner half and hands a simple catch to Lakshan Sandakan at mid on, who pouches it with a couple of steps backwards. Mehidy calls for the third run to which his skipper responds. Sandakan spots Sunzamul being ready to charge down the track and fires this down the leg side.

Kayes prods forward in defense but this one turns back in to hit him flush on the pads adjacent to the stumps. From over the wicket, Rangana tosses it up around middle and leg, Haque comes down the track and looks to flick it away. Finally, finally Sri Lanka taste success after the first session today. Herath spots that Hossain is giving him the charge and hence he tosses it on leg, following the batsman. The batsman is already down the track and hence goes on with the lofted shot. Karunarante from slip gives it a chase and so does Kumara who sprints across to his left from third man. Yes, Islam is well down the track but the margin of dismissal is not as much as we thought it to be.

Much-needed one as the veteran opener was looking dangerous here. Rahim stands there in dismay as he misses out on a deserving ton. Das walks back for a golden duck, which happens to be the first blob in his Test career. On the first look he seems to be a clear goner but the third umpire is called for.

Imrul walks across to his partner and after discussing with him decides against taking the DRS and continues to walk back. The fielder is aware and does well to grab it in the second attempt. So, no ton for Rahim, no double ton for Haque either as he adds just a run to his overnight tally. The second new ball has done the trick for Sri Lanka. An error in judgement from Das means that Lakmal now will be on a hat-trick in the next over. Lakmal hurls a length ball outside off, Liton Das leans forward and thinks that he has his off stump covered but the ball nips back in to take it apart. So, Bangladesh lose their second wicket for just 16 runs in 37 balls this morning. The pacer gets to the ball and returns a throw to Dickwella who collects and takes the bails off as the batsman dives to get back in. Replays show that the bails had come off and then the bat came in. The number 9 misses the flick post that and Dickwella uproots the stumps and goes up in celebration.

The ball skids off the surface, beats the defense on the inside and deflects off the pads to strike the timber. Seemed like it was a lapse in concentration from the wicket-keeper batsman. Sri Lanka finally manage to get through this stubborn stand. Dream delivery to any batsman leave alone the tailender. This is banged short again on the stumps, Rahman initially looks to duck.

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Half the visiting side back in the hut after being ahead by exactly the three-figure mark. The bowler is as ecstatic as he would be when he picks up a fifer! Dilruwan still takes the review and Hawk Eye returns three reds! Third wicket for Islam but he's not even celebrating.Gets a healthy top edge that skies straight up in the air.Liton Das calls for it, runs in front towards point and takes it. Mehidy Hasan provides the breakthrough for the hosts. Not a good ball but Sri Lanka wouldn't mind it at all. Flatter delivery outside off, Mahmudullah dabs it past the lone slip fielder and sets off. Rangana Herath strikes for the first time in the game.So, to add to the list of Rahim and Haque, who missed out getting to their milestones, add Mahmudullah, who is left stranded 17 runs short of the triple figure mark. 1-72 (Tamim Iqbal , 15.5 overs), 2-120 (Imrul Kayes , 27.4 overs), 3-356 (Mushfiqur Rahim , 83.5 overs), 4-356 (Liton Das , 83.6 overs), 5-376 (Mominul Haque , 92.4 overs), 6-390 (Mosaddek Hossain , 96.1 overs), 7-417 (Mehidy Hasan , 102.2 overs), 8-475 (Sunzamul Islam , 119.3 overs), 9-478 (Taijul Islam , 120.2 overs), 10-513 (Mustafizur Rahman , 129.5 overs) M Hasan to D Karunaratne, OUT! All through yesterday, Sri Lanka were struggling to get a wicket and here are the hosts, they strike off the 15th ball of the innings. He brought on the off spinner to bowl to the left-hander after just one over from Rahman and it has worked for his side.

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