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ASACP is an American non-profit organization that fights against child pornography and aims to enhance the effectiveness of parental content filtering technology through the provision of the RTA ("Restricted to Adults") label, which can be implemented by webmasters of adult sites.In March 2014 the UK video-on-demand co-regulator ATVOD requested a change in the law so that credit and debit card operators would be forbidden from processing payments from British customers of pornographic websites that did not carry out age checks before granting access.In April 2011, Manwin raised US2 million dollars in financing from Colbeck Capital, which Thylmann used to buy other pornographic companies such as Playboy TV, Digital Playground, Twistys, You Porn, Redtube, and Gaytube among others.Adult blogger/journalist Mike South initially broke the story as Fortress Investment Group (which was part of the investment) financing Manwin with US8 million. were cited alongside the CEO of gaming technology giant Amaya Inc.It later launched Brazzers and a porn production company among various other pay sites.Mansef was run as a familial business with company managers being related to each other; Manos, Youssef and Keezer later wanted to sell the companies due to their parents not knowing the pornographic nature of them, looking to disassociate themselves from Mansef and Interhub.The plan to release a Chromecast app was shown to be unfeasible in February 2014, when Google originally revealed their terms of service for Chromecast app developers, which stated that "We don't allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material." In October 2013, the media and marketing publication Digiday reported that Pornhub has already shown advertisements for various mainstream products on the Pornhub web site, including advertisements for movies, musical acts, anti-virus software, and a food delivery service, although most advertisements were still adult-related.

The website itself is considered important within the glamcore pornography sector.There are currently five major websites operating under, which feature thematically different aspects in terms of settings and sexual preferences.In January 2014, a Mindgeek official stated that they were developing an Android app for Google's Chromecast digital media player, along with an app for Panasonic smart TVs, that would enable streaming of content.The company has also been at the various ends of copyright lawsuits both as a plaintiff and defendant, for hosting pirated content or accusing others of hosting theirs.It has also been criticized for supporting age verification checks and creating tools thereof such as Age ID for compliance to the Digital Economy Act 2017 in UK.Mind Geek operates under a complex structure of multiple companies in countries such as the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Curacao, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Netherlands, the UK and the US.

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