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But in sports, in Seattle, at least, that line has become blurred.

To wit, the Seattle Times’ Jerry Brewer, in a column on the Erin Andrews peep-hole video incident, acknowledged that journalists might debate the ethics of the Gangel-Kerney relationship, but he ain’t one of them.

The only way this makes sense is if the line that truly is blurred is the one between sportswriter and cheerleader.

As one of the former, I’d like to hope that really isn’t true.

The two countries I love to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery. Since stefans diaries has come into play due to show - this was never given or taken from Lisa. Please boycott Phantomlol Hi Tray I share ur sentiment, only said what i did in a fact manner. THEY DROPPED A NEW YORK BEST SELLER WRITER, WHO HAD THIS TITLE IN THE 90's AND PRESENTLY - WHAT BIG IDIOTSRECIPE FOR DISASTER! i would like to if you're going to write another book about them, or end with the two books?

*desperately hoping she will* More power to you Lisa Jane Smith..we, your faithful readers, will forever support and love you..I covered the NBA and other sports for 17 years at The Seattle Times before embarking on a career, also in sports media, on the Internet, so I know how cozy one can get with subjects covered on a daily basis.I trust this also happens in other parts of the news world.Clearly, the comingling of subject matter and self-interest is something with which the public is not comfortable.After all, how can anyone trust news from a given media source when the motivations of that source are simultaneously in doubt?Hi YSTANO LISA WONT ADD HER STORY OF SECRET CIRCLE HERE AS SHE WILL GET SUED, IF SHE TRIED!

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