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He threw the biggest fit because I gave him chicken instead of turkey. It would be easy to get frustrated and start yelling, but I find that what a kid really needs is a hug. ' That's more effective than me scolding him or throwing him in a time-out."Appreciating Each Kid "Every child is completely different. 3 was going to be another boy, based on their own reading of a 3-D ultrasound.

A blood test, however, set them straight: It's a girl!

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I think it will help them to better understand and respect women." Picking Out Girl Stuff "Stuart Weitzman makes the cutest baby-girl shoes! But we've been lucky and have been able to use the same Restoration Hardware crib for all three kids." Rocking the Bump "Dresses are easy to throw on.

The show is currently in production and we're told it's expected to air on E! The 31-year-old mom recently said she would never put her 3 kids on a reality show -- unclear if she plans on sticking by those words for this project since it seems to be pretty tame and family-oriented.

As for Jay, his NFL career is still up in the air -- he played out his 1-year contract with the Miami Dolphins in 2017 and did pretty well.

"It's beautiful, and the people are genuinely nice." If You Ask Her...

PARENTING IS EASIER WHEN YOU'RE PREPARED "Have a snack ready before your child gets hungry, and a sippy cup filled before he's thirsty.

The main protagonist, focus, and star of MTV' S "reality show" Laguna Beach.

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