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Through the website, parents can also ask police about the criminal history of people who have unsupervised contact with their children.Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Darryl Noye says he is confident offenders will not be at risk as a result of the site."It is leading Australia in providing parents with what would have been confidential information," he said."Previously they would not have been aware potentially that someone is a reportable offender if that person has access to their children."WA Police Minister Liza Harvey says despite the website, parents need to be vigilant."What I would like to put out there to parents is that there's no substitute for common sense and for parental supervision," she said.The website's launch did not go to plan with a technical glitch initially preventing the general public from accessing the site. ) - Surfing the net has become an obsession for many Americans with the majority of U. adults feeling they cannot go for a week without going online and one in three giving up friends and sex for the Web.Chief executive Susie Hargreaves that while the online industry was “stepping up” efforts to block and remove images, many companies did not recognise there was a problem, or were too slow to respond.“It is not good enough for those companies to allow the burden of responsibility to fall on a socially responsible few,” she added.Meanwhile, online file hosting services saw 5,582 URLs removed because they were hosting child sex abuse images in 2014, compared with 1,400 in 2013.Around 12 per cent of the pages found to contain the material were classed as “commercial” and the most prolific of those sites are now accepting bitcoin.

The 31,266 URLs found hosting pictures and videos of children being sexually abused in 2014 as a 137 per cent increase on the total in 2013, although the IWF put that rise down to improved search methods.

Of the 95 UK-based web pages removed last year, almost 90 per cent contained images of children appearing to be aged 10 or under.

Emma Hardy, the IWF's director of external relations, said the group had 74,000 reports from the public last year and was now able to proactively search for child abuse images but the figure was the tip of the iceberg.

It alerts law enforcement agencies and hotlines abroad when it discovers foreign-based sites with child sexual abuse images and “repeatedly chases” them until they are removed.

Writing in the IWF report, Home Secretary Theresa May said: “The IWF plays a vital role in combating child sexual abuse and protecting children from these despicable crimes.

"The human rights of our children have to be placed as a priority over the civil rights of repeat, recidivist sex offenders."In order to access information, users will have to hand over some of their own, including their licence details.

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