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They end up sleeping together and now Charlie begins lying to Kirsten and Rebecca. When Bailey doesn't accept her decision and Kate doesn't change her mind, they break up.Bailey finds out that Kate's boyfriend, Tom, is too nice and feels bad trying to win Kate over. Julia tries to pass for 18 to get a job waitressing in a club. ], Geoff Pierson [ Elliot Bishop ], Rick Fitts [ Police Officer ], Annabella Price [ Eileen ], Richard Mc Gonagle [ Emmett ], Doug Hutchinson [ Loren ], Tom Simmons [ Customer ], Patti Tippo [ Sharon Bishop ], Brogan Roche [ Gil ], Billy Burke [ Guy in Club ] Owen, Joe, Kate At work, Julia runs into P. and he later shows up on her doorstep sporting a black eye and seeking refuge from his abusive stepfather. Julia teams with a songwriter who wants to put her poetry into music. Elleson ], Susan Mc Lennan [ Nanny ], Jay Brazeau [ Pawnbroker ], Delores Drake [ Mrs. Kelleher ], Kevin Mc Nulty [ Plumber ], Byron Lucas [ Doug ], Sandy Tucker [ Mrs.Claudia pretends to be younger so she can enter a violin competition. Claudia is named one of the Bay area's most gifted young musicians and lets her success go to her head.Nina Di Mayo, Owen, Ross A friend of the family by the name of Greer Erikson visits the Salingers.

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It’s about how two actors delivered to their audience an emotional rollercoaster and love story that will be remembered, and never forgotten.Now after the jump, watch the Scrubs montage from today’s GH all over again, and an example of a subtle yet hugely emotional scene between Patrick and Robin on Monday’s episode!Then let us know, what are your thoughts on the goodbye scenes?Her well-meaning interference causes problems for the Salinger siblings.Greer tries to boost Julia's confidence by sending her to a fashion photographer and spends 0 on the photo session.)But in quiet, emotional, heartfelt and yet complex scenes, both Patrick and Robin struggle to say goodbye to each other, with Patrick saying, “I don’t want to forget how to love you.” Through Jason Thompson’s performance, you can see that Patrick has once again been through the emotional ringer over Robin. And yet, he stands up to Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) and tells him he will come after him if Robin is not returned home safely to her family!

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