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In any case, most fans consider it a worthy send-off for the original cast.

While this is the finale for the majority of the TOS cast, Kirk, Scotty and Chekov appear in the next film to "pass the torch" of the film franchise to under my command.

If that person comes back into the chat in another name, do the same thing again.

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He is a past president of the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce. Watson has donated his time and services to participate in clinical trials with a contact lens manufacturers. Watson resides in Indian Wells and Lake Arrowhead with his wife Denise and two dogs. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and golfing. Cataract a clouding of the eye’s natural lens that generally occurs with age.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Philadelphia University, followed by another Bachelor of Science in Visual Science and her doctorate from Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Watson was awarded highest clinical honors in patient care and outstanding academic and clinical performance in contact lens design and management.

crew (as played by the original actors, at least) which resolves the previously ongoing conflict between The Federation and the Klingons with a Tom Clancy IN SPACE! In part because of its more political themes and real-world connections, is Darker and Edgier than its predecessors. The Iron Curtain was coming down at the time of production and the Klingons had always been stand-ins for the Soviets.

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