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Born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, Apte began acting in theatre productions before venturing into films. Apte has since worked in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Marathi-language films.

She made her feature film debut with a brief role in the Hindi fantasy Vaah! Apte's first starring role was in the 2009 Bengali social drama Antaheen.

She is married to London-based musician Benedict Taylor since 2012.

Actor Rahul Bose, who had seen Apte perform in Anahita Oberoi's play Bombay Black, suggested her name to director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury who cast her in his Bengali film Antaheen along with Aparna Sen, Sharmila Tagore and Rahul Bose.

”—her voice cracks and her eyes go round, but, even as her delivery yaws toward Borat, she soldiers on.

After a moment, she added, “The truth is—and it’s kind of embarrassing, because I’m thirty-four, but I’ve been married twice, so I’ve been out of commission for a while—the real number The Bechdel Test, established in 1985 by the cartoonist Alison Bechdel and her friend Liz Wallace, is a way of examining movies for gender bias.

Hutch Parker, the chairman of New Regency, the studio that’s backing the film, told me, “Anna’s betting that there’s another way to get on the list of leading comediennes than to be America’s sweetheart—and we’re betting that she’s right.”As it happens, bets on bawdy female-driven comedies are being placed across the board: “No Strings Attached” became a modest hit in January, “Bridesmaids” débuts in May, and “Bad Teacher” comes out in June.

” Mylod said, and Faris gave him a gentle smile, knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen.

Her leading roles in the 2016 independent films Phobia and Parched earned her further acclaim.

In addition to her work in independent films, Apte has played the romantic interest of the lead male character in the Marathi crime thriller Lai Bhaari (2014) the Tamil drama Kabali (2016) and the Hindi biographical film Pad Man, all of which were commercially successful.

She played the role of Brinda Roy Menon, a TV journalist, in Antaheen.

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