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I think the lyrics flow out in a way that has an honesty to it." On the difference between writing for younger versus older artists, Steinberg explained "you don't really know it's for somebody younger ...

I've almost never really sat down and said, 'I'm going to try to write one that would be good for somebody younger.' I just write a song, and then if somebody younger likes it, then they sing it." That same year, a CD single was released in Europe that, in addition to the main track, includes an instrumental version, two remixes ("Full Phatt Remix Feat Tah Mac" and "Full Phat Remix"), and the music video.

According to Vibe, the overall more mature, personal sentiment of the album prompted her to record "Too Little Too Late", having experienced both her first love and first heartbreak since the release of her self-titled debut album.The song was released as the album's lead single on July 24, 2006.A power ballad, "Too Little Too Late" is a pop and R&B breakup song about a girl who struggles about dealing with her first love as she refuses to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend despite his efforts to convince her.Everyone at last week's Greater Washington Sports Alliance party in Potomac was buzzing about the slender kid with the diamond-chip earring schmoozing so easily with the suits. The auction, which ended Wednesday night, raised ,752 for the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries, with proceeds going to Gulf Coast schools. Dennis Hastert became the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House yesterday, passing Joe Cannon -- also from Illinois -- who served in the job from November 1903 to March 1911. Any such career concerns now that she wed rap superstar Nas ? Nine of the items failed to draw the minimum of -- then again, how often would you wear a hot pink pantsuit (size 42) in Washington? Suddenly our prepared question was seeming really dumb, but anyway: Guy friends claim that certain pop starlets lost their, um, desirability when they got married.Although Cunningham always envisioned the song being recorded by Jo Jo, the songwriters had considered offering "Too Little Too Late" to American girl group The Pussycat Dolls before it was forwarded to Blackground Records upon learning that the record label was recruiting new material for Jo Jo's then-upcoming sophomore album, two years after it had been written.

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